Wednesday, January 14, 2009


For anybody who still READS this blog, allow me to go on for a little bit about the new TV season.

After so much... nothing... it has finally come to the time when we have things to watch.

I fear it has jumped the shark. Or I just don't care as much. Or it's not as good in HD. I can't explain my lack of rabid interest. There so much formula in the show. All the training they are given, and agents consistently disobey orders or procedure. HO HUM. And I'm not talking about Jack Bauer.

Terri was repeating his name in that Elmer Fudd voice from an oriental actor from some former season... and darn if I didn't hear it (not her) on a promo running on a station in Toronto I was listening to online.

All is not lost. J (can't spell her name - too lazy to Google) Garafalo is really good in her role. New agent hottie is interesting. Put it that way. Though the camera isn't always friendly to her.

What I used to like so much were the slime on the characters, and so far there isn't enough of that. Intrigue has been attempted. I just haven't found it as magnetic. As for moral dilemmas, well, there were MUCH better written ones years ago, in another show, WISEGUY, mouthed by a character named Vinnie Terranova, in deep undercover.

A couple issues I remember (there were others I forgot already) - A plane is supposed to descend, but the pilot gives it more power. That's wrong. The other 'pilot' - the oriental gent - is apparently alone (or did I miss a scene?) - and I think in the co-pilot seat.

Oh - and they gave a pilot ATC clearance which included, 'then in ten minutes...' which they NEVER do or say.

And the ATC guy later knows Almeda's name. I guess he could have been told while we were away, but unlikely.

Can't wait. The characters are all so realistic, the scripts so good. It's shot locally, though we've never run into a crew, talent, or a scene. We've recognized some locations, but that's not the draw - it's just flat out a GREAT show.

The best interviews on TV. Period. Who would have thought? Trust me.

The most amazing first-person stories with no hype or reenactment. THIS is compelling TV. Absolutely SPELLBINDING. And in its own way, chock full of hope. If these people can survive their ordeals, quityercomplaining....

I don't care yet. New judge is hot. The Fritos of TV.

Fail. Poor character development. SLOW. Bad writing too.

Looking forward to:
DAMAGES - these people are SNAKES! Great acting too.
BURN NOTICE - light, fast moving.
LIFE - Can go either way, but so far I'm in.
FRINGE - in a complete turnaround - I've come to like most of it
HOUSE - I may be tiring but will hope they add a dose of non-sameness to the prescription this year
TERMINATOR - I know, I know, it's silly escapism but I've come to like it!
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - One of the best series on TV.

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carolyn said...


I still read your blog! And enjoy it! Don't watch much TV though so I can't comment on your observations!

Carolyn Peterson