Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yup. Nothing really interested me last night, and I save the good stuff recorded, or movies, for Terri. So I found myself at the TeeVee alone, surfing. IDOL was the only choice. But I don't want another repeat addiction.

You could edit the show at this stage severely, and not really lose much, unless you want to see bad singers, geeks, crestfallen people.

I am often surprised by the pretty or handsome surrounded by really unattractive family. You never know what the ripples in the gene pool will do, is my takeaway.

I also suspect the show is loaded - that is, if the IDOL people sent cameras to someone's house BEFORE they auditioned, then the likelihood is the person is going to be picked. If they do so AFTER, and present it as before, well, that's sleazy yet effective showbiz, isn't it? Maybe they don't say so, but it is implied by the way (sequence) in which it is presented.

I wonder how many really pretty women/girls try to get on the show to exploit their sizzle. Hey, I don't blame them one bit. There was a beauty from Minneapolis, for example. Man, what a smile.

And apparently I am not the only tone-deaf guy who cannot sing. Do they think they CAN? Some serious delusions are out there. Add in the normal bell curve of IQ and you get some low hanging fruit.

Did you see the previews? There's one shot where they had Paula on top of (yes, you read right) of Cara. Salacious suggestion?

Since I almost brought it up, is Ryan gay, hetero or asexual; or just exceedingly private? Whatever - he seems pretty false to me as he waits outside the room. Bored, even. I think he's a major talent for what he does well; i.e.: the perfect emcee. For empathy, though, no. In a widely criticized move, he gestured the blind guy for a high five... I say that's an easy mistake if you aren't paying attention.

One more thing - last night they had the day play out, then went for a final "UP" but the daylight had returned to the windows. I felt it was presented as the last one... but it clearly wasn't. I'd probably do the same thing, as a good producer, but I'd present it more honestly. Maybe I have to listen more closely to the obfuscation in the script.

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