Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This is about half of them.

I carried them from city to city (okay, MOVERS carried them) since, well, 1985. 16 Boxes, each about 50 pounds worth. Every time we'd move, they'd go too. And I don't even use a turntable!!! I just figured "someday they'll be worth a lot." Guess what? Wrong!

I had an expert - a local who runs a used record 'show' generously come over to give me his advice. He thought they'd get a certain amount. My first real offer was about 9 TIMES less. Ooops. Then I had another collector come look at all of them and make NO offer. Finally, just now, I sold to a local record store... at about a fourth of what the expert said I could get. Online research backed up the price range. Too bad I had the original figure dancing in my head all this time like sugar plum fairies in kids Christmas dreams.

Music from the 1974-1985 era is particularly disposable if mainstream (which most of my stuff was.)

I feel a sense of loss and at the same time, relief. Before we moved here I threw out almost all the tape recordings I had from me on the radio or me programming or producing things - there was a LOT - like a full big outside-size trash can. Radio is so ethereal that saving it as recorded somehow makes it more real (certainly longer lasting!) But I never listened to it and doubt I ever would. So out it went.

Terri is happy because now I can move some of 'my stuff' into the closet of records.

End of an era for me. Time Passages: Al Stewart should be playing. (wish I knew how to put audio to play automatically in a blog.)

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