Saturday, July 07, 2007


4 inches of rain yesterday - power failure - back on, off, on, off rapidly, then off. We are supposed to be in the sunny side now but there are a lot of large clouds on the horizon.

At least we didn't get hit by lightning, though some hits were close. When it goes flashbang with no gap, that's close! Recently a neighbor lost about $70,000 is electrical gear due to a lightning hit. IT WAS THE SECOND TIME. His house is loaded with automation, plus lightning rods, a big copper ground system... ouch.

But this post is really about Austin and the people. Today we went to the larger Farmer's Market which is in a stadium parking lot along an expressway - not exactly rural. But "Everything sold must have been grown by or produced by the seller."

I threw the camera in the car just in case. Happily, there was plenty to note. One thing you can't see in the pictures is how friendly everyone is - it's not hard to have a conversation with a vendor or stranger. People are NICE in Austin. Accepting, too, which is a large part of the charm. A city with "KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD" as an unofficial slogan has got to be a cool place.

There were many wee kiddies and dogs, live music, fresh fruit and veggies, soy candles, goat's milk ice cream, pastry, and good ol' down on the farm home style jewelry. Huh?

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