Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Last night, after killing another scorpion - I think the rains brought them inside somehow despite Mister Bug Killer's best efforts - and after walking the dog, I got the idea to turn off the lights and shine a flashlight across our hardwood floors, to see if I could spot any of these nasties.

I saw what appeared to be a piece of dust or maybe dog hair or carpet fluff from an area rug under a couch... or was it a scorpion? (They are hard to spot on the wood due to their brownish color.)

I got a quick look in the flashlight beam... did you know that baby Geckos can run at 78 miles an hour? They can. That's what happened. I'm thinking - hey, is MOM here too? And did she have a whole batch of these wall climbing lizards? AND HOW THE HECK DO I CATCH IT because I don't walk across walls.

It was spotted and almost transparent. It skittered.

(* I found the picture above on the internet. The one I saw was even smaller.)

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