Friday, July 13, 2007


Let's see...

The Democrats are unable to fulfill the promise of their election re: the war.
The Attorney General has been caught in several lies.
The Vice President is pupeteering the president.
The leadership vacuum is sucking air from DC to Seattle.
Congress is unable to deal with major issues.
Chertoff has a bad gut. TSA is weak and we remain highly and dangerously vulnerable.
Immigration is no closer to a solution.
The FDA is lost in space.
The EPA is in bed with big biz. And the bed is shaking.
Billions in waste in Iraq.
New Orleans isn't fixed yet.
Republicans are deserting Mister Lame Duck Bush who appears desperate to my eye.

Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave so fast that he may get airborne.
And that war, based on WRONG 'intelligence' is fanaticism on all sides.
Meanwhile Bin Laden infests Afghanistan with new recruits.

I am ashamed of all these people in government. I still say VOTE THEM ALL OUT. We couldn't do worse starting from scratch.

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