Sunday, July 22, 2007


First some old business. I posted a picture (way below now) of a very large truck carrying a giant cylinder and invited people to guess what it was. Well, of course nobody did. There were several trucks carrying similar ones, too. What is was: the base for a wind turbine.

And more old business: I noted a baby Gecko scurrying in the dark as I shone a flashlight across the floor. Since then I put out a sticky-paper bug catcher thing under the sofa and discovered just today there are two babies frozen in glue. I wonder, though, if MOM is here too. Also how many in a litter? The glue stays.

Last night Terri had two orange earplugs on a window sill. Overnight something ate pieces of one of them (looks like cheese?) I know mouse droppings when I see them! There's a nice peanut butter surprise waiting for Mickey or Minnie now. I've raised mice, god help me, back in high school for some project. They breed like crazy... with large litters. Wood's rule of mice: there's NEVER just one.

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