Sunday, July 15, 2007


Maybe it's me, though I doubt it. Of all the customer-centric sites on the web, ONE stands out as the least helpful. I can't believe how convoluted their process is (and we've been customers with an account for years - heck, for 22 years!) FedEx has the hands down least helpful website. I am trying to get a rate. It asks from where to where? I put in the info. It can't find our account. I dig deeper and find the exact "to" address already stored. I activate that address, put in size, weight, value, ship date... and get taken to a screen that has nothing to do with what I seek.

And they call it a "courtesy rate."

I've never had ONE SINGLE positive experience on first attempt with their system.

Maybe it's me. Wouldn't you think it'd be easy to design a simple interface? The "tree of decisions" would branch so easily!

What do you want to do? Get rates? Get delivery options? Track a shipment? Other?

Rates and Options would take you to the same page:

What size, weight, value? From where? To where? How fast (give options and prices.)

Choose method.


Their telephone tree is also maddening. The key is to shout REPRESENTATIVE at the recording before it does much. It's not going to help much anyway. Oh and it's so 'human' - you can hear her 'typing' while the computer responds to your words. It's nicely done but not helpful.

As of yet I have no quarrel with their shipping, but making it happen is an ordeal!

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