Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I don't have or want one, but they sure look cool! I have a new phone that does more than I care about. But those iPHONE ads got me thinking...

Imagine this - this is not available, but perhaps it could be. It's a marriage of utility and technology. I call it utilogy. Okay, here's the thing - you enter a website and answer a whole slew of questions about your likes and dislikes. These answers are verified by your new EverythingPHONE which also has a lie detector built in. The website is an offshoot of a dating/mating service. Hooked up (here's where it gets REALLY good!) to micro-GPS targeting. In a - ahem - social situation it'll give you a screen pointer to the EverythingPHONE carried by the person who most matches your desires. Huh? Wouldn't that sell?

Great ideas are simple ones. Wipe out loneliness and rule the world!

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