Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I saw two guys light a skyrocket which went up about 20 feet then chased them down the beach.

I saw a firecracker take out an ant hill.

I saw a cherry bomb make the man next door very angry as it exploded while he was yelling at kids for setting off fireworks.

I saw a magic fireworks display upside down from the rear window of a neighborhood car full of neighborhood kids.

I saw a cherry bomb blow a piece off a lifeguard stand. Repeatedly.

I saw a shark with a cherry bomb stuffed in its mouth swim away... for about 5 seconds.

I saw a garbage can lid fly.

I saw some men with a shopping bag full of illegal fireworks enthrall all who gathered in the alley by the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey.

I saw fireworks come down on our friend's roof.

I saw a fireworks display that literally brought me to my knees, but it was the early 70s, you know?

I saw fireworks over the Mississippi.

I saw sparklers sold under the counter at a bike shop.

I saw road flares double as fireworks.

I saw people smuggle fireworks into Minnesota from Wisconsin.

I saw cherry bombs shot into the air with a sligshot.

I saw a firecracker blow apart a model battleship.

I saw a pack of firecrackers thrown down a stairwell make my neighbor very, very upset with me.

I saw M-80s explode.

I saw a man awakened by a firecracker under his bed.

I saw fireworks in Winnipeg.

I saw fireworks make a 6 cylinder car drive very slowly.

I saw myself light the stump of fuses on "duds."

I saw fireworks while anchored in mid Lake Minnetonka.

I saw 6 fireworks displays in the distance simultaneously.

I saw fireworks from above them in a plane I flew.

I saw fireworks indoors at rock concerts.

I saw fireworks in a stadium.

I saw fireworks smuggled from Europe in my suitcase.

I saw fireworks over Niagara Falls.

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