Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ultra Audio is a website which concerns itself with what it says... it's for those who are looking for the best way to get the most realistic sound out of their music collection. As you will learn, I've been neck-deep in these waters for years. Given my obsession to this hobby, and that I like to write, I applied and they accepted me - my first piece is an introdcution and the link is below.

Already I have received a shipment of things to review. And without going into the whys and detail, just for fun I put a device on the power line that feeds all our TV equipment. I didn't expect anything since it already goes into another box which is supposed to help clean up the nasties.

Son of a gun, the sound improved markedly. Not the picture - in fact it might be a little darker - I'm not positive. But where the sound used to be scratchy in the Ssss it's now clear. This is out of the old - 16+ year old TV speakers, as we're not at Hi-Def yet - very soon, when a connection scheme called HDMI 1.3 becomes standard (I expect that this fall.)

What fun.

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