Monday, August 07, 2006


Really free? While I type this I wait for the dreaded VIRUS popup. I just spent several hours following very detailed virus removal instructions. The thing is, those popups were not immediate.

I just rebooted as the last step. Will they return? Or am I free? Did the .exe's I deleted hurt something else?

Why am I posting this - because you don't want it to happen to you, believe me! If you do, I can send you detailed removal instructions. I figure sooner or later the popular AV programs will have a fix, but till then it's a MESS you don't wish for.

--- so far so good ----

I had many anti-virus programs downloaded - two new ones, one new highly touted one, and a handful others NONE OF WHICH found the same "threats" (but I got rid of anything anyone of them found), which doesn't build confidence.

Example - after 2 or more hours, a program will declare it found XX threats. I eliminate them. I immediately run another program which says I'm free of virus. Then a third which finds more of them. And so on - for days.

--- so far so good ---

This is like waiting for the hammer to come down. This virus - purportedly selling antivirus (antivirus soldier) software, is supposedly a scam to get credit card info. It hijacks your internet tools, home page, task controller, and slows your computer way down. One of the popups is fullscreen and deleting it triggers others. You cannot effectively run a computer while it happens... except E mail for some reason.

--- so far so good, and I'm starting to believe. Also I notice the screen is keeping up with me, which is another good sign as I type pretty quickly.

Any other program would crash the computer.

--- my God, I think it's gone.

Am I really back in business? Only time will tell. And I will keep you informed.

If you see ANTISPYWARE SOLDIER popup, you are in for a world of hurt.

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