Sunday, August 13, 2006


The other day I was adjusting some of the sprinkler patterns and I leaned down into a patch of weeds and grass and noticed a bunch of tiny ants. Some crawled onto my wet skin (did I mention the sprinkler was on and that means soaking me? What the heck - it was 100 degrees!) I brushed a couple off then realized that others were the tiny nasty ants that bite.

Now the amazing thing is how much it hurts versus the size of the ant. I can't even find a good description. Sticking a pin in your skin wouldn't approach the pain. And a HEATED needle would hurt a lot, but it'd be a different hurt.

Years ago, a fella I worked with had a flat tire and pulled off the road to change his tire where he said his clothes became infested with these monster ants, and he stripped nekkid and drove home 40 miles that way. At the time I thought that was very funny.

Today I know it was nothing but very practical.

After the pain goes away you get a welt and it itches for days. And you scratch it and it itches more and you can't stop... because it... feels... so... good...

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