Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Interesting to see the way pros handle bad behavior.

1- Admit it
2- Ask for forgiveness/fix it
3- Rehab

Yes, I am thinking about Mel Gibson's DUI arrest/anti-semetic remarks, but this applies nicely to government or corporate America.

If you're old enough to remember the Tylenol scare many years back, that was another classic case. Some bottles were found to have been tampered with.

1- Recall ALL Tylenol everywhere
2- Destroy it
3- Put people's safety above corporate greed, design new tamper-proof label.

Today, those unenlightened souls who are caught with their industrial/congressional hand in the cookie jar do this:

2- ACCUSE those with 'an agenda'
3- Repeat

Even President Bill Clinton, or perhaps I should write especially Bill Clinton did the denial dance pretty seriously. "I did NOT have sex with that woman!"

There are so many distortions of reality oozing under the closed doors of political and corporate America, that the appearance of honesty is now a sacrament for those who worship at the altar rail of public opinion.

Mel - or Mel's people - got it right.

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