Sunday, August 27, 2006


Boring. Snoring. I think I've blogged before how to fix these shows, but...

Thanking everyone then the family and the kids and the caregiver... it's just too self-indulgent. Nobody unnamed cares.

Dick Clark was poignant. The "World's Oldest Teenager" lost his title to his stroke. It's really sad. Yet he did get to realize his dream to be - and to be a big mover in - showbiz.

The Charlie's Angels reunion was interesting. Farrah looks bad, really bad. The curse of her early bloom? Jaclyn Smith looked as if she hasn't aged. Kate Jackson looked like she had a coat hanger in her mouth.

I don't hang on the red carpet but I couldn't fail to notice some lovelies looking very fine. Forgive the spelling if wrong - Kathryn Heigl from Grey's Anatomy will be talked about. Wow. And Evangeline Lilly shone tremendously brightly. Her smile and beauty just jumped out of the screen.

Typical lame banter among presenters except John Stewart and Steven Colbert were spot on - hilarious. Conan O'Brien was game. Other than the opening there's little for a host to do. The filmed/taped bit that ran from the top of the show was good.

Want to bet this was the lowest rated show yet?

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