Saturday, August 12, 2006


By now you know I am not exactly handy around certain things. I have, however, proudly managed to take apart several sprinkler heads which the landscaper installed pointing backwards (they only come on in the dark - who knew?) And I also managed to lose a small set screw somewhere when the nozzle popped out on another. Two are defective.

Forecast is for green-burning 100 degree days for the foreseeable future and we've had 17 so far - brown is the new green.

Of course the one head is not standard and neither Lowes nor Home Depot carries anything to replace it.

The other I might have found a replacement for.

The others are okay though I will screw (literally) with their spray patterns now that I have the tool.

Last time I adjusted these things took some shots in the head but it's 100 degrees. It's okay.


Geez, I surprised myself. I fixed the broken rotor and reinstalled two and reset all spray patterns all by myself. I qualify to be an illegal alien landscaper.

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