Wednesday, August 02, 2006


To the tune of I SHOT THE SHERRIFF

I choked the Gate-way
and it would not re-spond to me
I choked the Gate-way
and a right click proved it to me

Okay so I don't know the lyrics enough to keep going.

But I have a full gig of memory in the box!

Let's see - I had a lot of audio on the clipboard. A lot. I had 11 websites open, 12 word docs, three programs, mail (with thousands of Es stored) plus virus and spyware programs also running.

I guess that's just too darn much... but I hate to reboot. I lose things no matter how carefully I place them. And the restart triggers updates in spyware and virus downloads!

Now everything is back and the screen is slow to respond to my input. I can type faster than it can show the letters. Doesn't seem right.

Meanwhile, Spyware Doctor keeps reminding me to load updates. I've done three. Could it be the Doctor has been self-medicating?

Okay, on to bigger things.

I postulate that the same force that directs tornadoes to mobile homes also directs rain to freshly washed cars.

Today, the TV weather people (lame, all!) called for 0% chance of rain. And my car is freshly washed and hand dryed by aliens of unknown origin or legality. So where did it rain? On my car.

Okay - now back to my project... if I can find the files...

* another law: when you don't spell check, you will make an obvious mistake, and thinking to yourself "I was careful" will only make it more obvious!

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