Thursday, August 10, 2006


Being completely paranoid, having lived through the 70s, and after my recent bout with the Virus du jour, I have left several anti-virus programs still running. One just said all was well, as if Febreeze had been sprayed into my operating system.

However, another one has located as many as 9 infections (it's still running) and claims it has found a trojan horse embedded within my program troops.

I did hear back from one anti-virus company which had declared all well during my last seige - I e mailed them - they announced that my problem was something they hadn't seen before. Well, duh. And they'd work on it.

Yesterday the computer did seem sluggish and I rebooted then things got better. But it appears the Woods are not out of the woods yet. Unless good old (free) AVG can slay this dragon.

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