Saturday, August 05, 2006


My computer remains infected despite many measures I have taken. Irony: I just paid $30 for a program that found what appeared to be the problems, but the free trial only identified the spyware and virus, wouldn't fix unless you BOUGHT IT. And the cost was what the popups (which won't stop - more about them in a minute) are selling. I just couldn't give in to these bastards.

The popups continue - with rotating popups, one of which, no, two of which are full screen and hijack the keyboard - telling me my computer

is infected
is slow
is getting spam
is copying files for some bad reason
had an internet attack
security and privacy is at risk

all of which it proves by invading me with these non-stop popups.

If you get the popups they look like windows warnings, citing the windows security center (which won't help unless you convert to SP 2, which I have been advised by more than one techie to NOT do.)

Thanks, Microsoft.

I have a trojan downloader. I know that. My purchased program seemed to find it, but even though it claims to have stopped it, hasn't. I will reboot for the hundredth time soon as I finish this.

POPUP stopper - waste of time.
PC Doctor - Waste of time
PC Antivirus, nope.
AVG anti-virus - fails
Spybot Search and Destroy - doesn't
WEBROOT SpySweeper seemed promising - I bought it.

But still the popups, slowdowns and seizures continue.

And something disabled my restore-to-point even though I had it on last I looked. So, that doesn't seem to work either.

And on top of this, we went to the movies where I managed to run over a curb while parking and pulled the front of the bumper loose, then we went out to dinner where apparently I ate something that still doesn't 'agree' with me.

This comes across as whining - sorry - I am very frustrated!

And don't know what to do to the computer next!

Take pity on me. I bought ANOTHER program which is said to remove exactly what I have. Yeah, right. And comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Yeah, right. It claims to have found 121 worms and killed them for me - but the DAMN POPUPS CONTINUE, and now it asked for a deep scan which is underway. I can't believe I'm the onlyone who is fighting such a serious enemy. But so far when I search for it, I can't find other efforts to kill this same thing by name, only by description of its action.

Having now run maybe 8 programs... it seems they are unequal at best - each finding different 'threats' - real or - and this bothers me - hyped. I'll let youknow what happens.

I could be you.


Anonymous said...

eset software 'nod' antivirus.

and use firefox is you're not.


Anonymous said...

if your problem pops up in internet explorer, you might try this;
click start>settings>control panel>adminstrative tools>services
scroll down and highlight messenger
right click on the highlighted line and choose properties
click the stop button
select disable or manual in the starup type scroll bar
click ok
there is a windows messenger service that works with ie and lets pop up windows thru. maybe this will help