Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I always liked Gino - this dates back to when I lived in Montreal in the mid 70s, ostensibly at Gino's commercial peak. Gino's uncle cut my (radio station) music director, Tony Spiro's hair. It apparently was a tight family. Mama Vanelli used to listen to me on the air and when I played her son, maybe I gave an extra something in what I said.

Later I was invited to the big show - Gino sold out the 17,000+ seat Montreal Forum. My seats - mama's influence, I'll bet - front row.

And since I had a backstage pass - not uncommon for radio program directors - I went to pay my respects after the show. Tony, my music director, introduces me to Mama, who freaks right out - "Booooob Wooooooooooood!!!!" She's ignoring her son who's standing there along with two brothers in the band, she's making a big fuss over me, after THEY got standing ovations. It was a strange moment. I loved it.

Why I bring this up is I just got Gino's greatest hits and it's playing in the other room and I am back in Canada in my mind... remembering only the good times, and there were many. I literally fell in love with Montreal my first night there - I actually roamed the streets almost overcome. It was such a great place!

I think the last album Gino put out had some opera on it which put me off. I wish he'd return to his roots - I'd buy that in a second.

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