Friday, August 04, 2006


I am holding my breath while typing this - in fact I am afraid to look at the screen (yes, I have to look at keys to type). That's because my computer had/has been taken hostage. It wouldn't allow simple operations. I kept getting an anti-virus network popup warning me. Oh crap, there it is again. I thought maybe by my starting in safe mode and deleting temp internet files it will go away.

Clarification: the popups are not related to my software programs AND at least one of them appears to be from microsoft. I don't trust such popups.

I have anti-virus and spyware checking going on. I ran both and deleted the malware found (only by spyware doctor - the anti-virus came up clean.) When you try to get rid of the first smaller pop-up window you trigger a larger one.

This also swapped my home page. I've managed to regain some control but I wouldn't fly on this plane, if you get me. All 3 popups are now rotating. I am screwed. And somewhere along the line system restore was turned off so I don't think there's a restore point to jump safely.

What a ^@#$#$%@!! monkey wrench this is.

I may have to employ the Geek Squad.

I've just found a file of internet cookies and deleted... and DAMN! there's the popup again!

... it's later - much later... I've downloaded and run another spyware program which is supposed to me meaner. I type, waiting for the $@%@!! popup to intrude. You know, like in the movies when the bad guy is shot then looms later when the good guy is with his woman? Well the bad guy just loomed. I haven't killed it yet. Back to work... god, this is awful...

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