Monday, August 21, 2006


Wins again. Another major. The PGA champeenship if you aren't into golf. I'm not really, but it's nice to unwind and fall asleep watching beautiful pictures of beautiful golf courses on some Sundays (pre football). And yet this run was pretty amazing - he was so "on!"

Another million in the bank.

The point I wantt to raise is how much I enjoy the commercials Tiger is in when they are tilted just a bit in the fun direction. The guy is funny. Doesn't lose any dignity doing them either. There's a new series where 'real people' send him video tapes trying to get him to improve his game because now Buick has a deal where you can win the car Tiger drives if Tiger wins. The suggestions are wacky and the director cuts from the 'real person' video to Tiger trying the tip. Very funny. Very well done.

There aren't many commercials I'll look at willingly or remember. There are few that I'll back up on TiVo and watch repeatedly (the FedEx caveman commercial is another favorite - just perfect!)

I think these Tiger spots make him just a little more human and at the same time a little more special. You can't do better than that. But then it seems that whatever Tiger does, you can't do better. Way to go.

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