Monday, August 21, 2006


I TiVoed it and only watched a half hour or so so far. Boy, it was cheesy. Aerosol cheesy. Not that funny. Lot of poor taste jokes (a la cable, I guess) - most aimed at Andy Dick or George Takai (spelling?) - both receiving lots of gay jokes. George just roared. He looked like he was on another planet.

I usually miss these things. Aren't they supposed to make fun of the roastee?

Shatner did seem up for it... and why not? he's doing his best work ever now in Boston Legal. I watched all the Star Treks and even remember him from the Loblaws' ads. (Loblaws was/is? a Canadian Supermarket chain and after Trek, they hired William to do the standup spots. He was good. And Canadian. Maybe that mattered.

Betty White (in her 80s) gave an outstanding reading of her jokes, even the ones in poor taste. She's a pro. I can't imagine many 80 year olders in her league.

More tonight. Like watching a train wreck, I guess.

The next day:

I watched the rest of it last night, and it made me very uncomfortable. Just not funny. Embarassing. What brain trust put that together? It wasn't edgy. It wasn't entertaining. It was dick joke after dick joke. It lowered everyone there - on the dais or in the audience, and even those who watched the train go off the tracks.

I realize that's the way of the Friar's club from which this tradition was spawned, but that was for club members and not for mass consumption.

I'm by no means a prude - but I do appreciate funny. Very little was funny. This was TV at its worst.

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joynct said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt uncomfortable with the content and lack of humor in the roast. I couldn't watch past Betty are a brave man to sit through the entire thing! I'd rather face one of those snakes!